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Decentralized Access Control Centrally Managed

The access control system is designed and manufactured in Germany for smart building security products for mission critical infrastructures. The professional security solutions include wired and wireless access control systems, environmental monitoring, power monitoring and IP video surveillance. Everything can be remote controlled from the cloud and all from a one app. Therefore save time, administration and cost compared to multiple individual systems. Wired network and radio systems are modern IoT technologies hence cost-effective integration into existing infrastructure. Made exclusively in Germany to the highest quality standards. Since the systems are based on network the solutions are suitable for every requirement and for use in all vertical markets. Easily increase your IT availability and productivity while avoiding down time and system failures before they occur. Applications include: Hospitals, Distribution Centres, Military, Critical Infrastructure, Mobile telephony and Internet providers, Airports to name just a few. Combine Access Control with a two-factor authentication system Fever Screening that requires the body temperature of the person to be checked to allow access. Thermal temperatures checks on the head and around the eyes can detect fever. Use as stand-alone or integrate into your existing door entry access control system.

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