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The KNX Open STANDARD for Smart Homes

KNX is THE standard in automation and is used to control the lights, dimmers, the shading roller blinds and motorized curtains, control the door and doorbell, doorstation, climate air conditioning, under floor heating and hot water. A future-proof technology, endless flexibility and personalization, a safe and secure system, timesaving and easy installation, an integrated solution, an international community..

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Our Smart Home Switches and Sensors

Switches and Sensors are Compatible with Standards

By selecting a standard for home automation, a switch from manufacturer W, can be mixed with a switch from manufacturer X, with a sensor from manufacturer Y and a dimmer from manufacturer Z, and everything will work together properly.

  1. Compatible with Conventional, regular systems (ie without smart home automation).
  2. Compatible with Centralized KNX Smart Home systems.
  3. Compatible/Interchangeable with EnOcean Smart Home Automation Switches and Sensors.
  4. Compatible with DeCentralized Bluetooth Standard.
Interchangeable frames, faceplates, covers.

Match your smart home switches, sensors, sockets, faceplates and frames with your environment compatible with KNX, EnOcean and BlueTooth smart home automation STANDARDS. Mix and Match from a wide range of several compatible manufacturers.

Designer Brand Switches

We use only the highest quality German, Austrian, Belgian, and Swiss brands for Switches, Sockets, and Frames.

Various Size Systems and Colours

We have Frames and Switches, Sockets, TV points, Network Points, Telelphone Points of all standard sizes. We have 40 size, 55 size, 63 size and 65 size switch and frame systems. Select from a wide range of colours and finishes